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The problem with running software in the cloud is not having full control over the infrastructure you use. Cloud Compliance Automation puts you back in control and enables GxP-compliant operation of your applications on the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Cloud Compliance Automation

The challenge:

Ensuring GxP compliance in operating applications on the SAP Business Technology Platform

When you run applications on the SAP Business Technology Platform, cloud services provided by SAP are used. You have no control over the lifecycle of these services.

Companies in regulated environments in particular have specific compliance requirements for their cloud infrastructure. They need to ensure that all used services work as expected in order to meet GxP requirements.

We put you in full control again – with Cloud Compliance Automation.

Cloud Compliance Automation

By leveraging Cloud Compliance Automation, you benefit from our risk-based approach for infrastructure qualification on the SAP Business Technology Platform.

You can focus on developing your cloud-based software applications while we assist in qualifying the used cloud services. This enables you to operate your applications in accordance with GxP requirements.

Analysis Cloud Compliance Automation

Analysis of the applications and services

Together with you, we analyze your applications with respect to critical components and cloud service usage. The risk profiles of the services are analyzed and the individual intended use is assessed and described.

Service qualification planning

Together with you, we determine the risks associated with the use of the cloud services. For each risk, we plan how it can be permanently tested and which measures need to be taken in case of deviations.

Risks Cloud Compliance Automation
Risks Cloud Compliance Automation

Continuous and automated execution of service qualification

Our platform detects if there are any changes or failures in the cloud services and what impact they have on your applications. You are informed about deviations and thus you are able to react to them quickly.

Automated tests for cloud services out of the box and always up to date

We provide you with the tests for the cloud services used in your applications and required to ensure their validation and qualification. In addition we keep these tests continuously up-to-date.

Our solution supports cloud services from all cloud providers. Our standardized tests allow you to focus on your validation requirements without having to worry about implementing tests.

All benefits at a glance

GxP compliance in the cloud

Run applications with GxP requirements securely in the cloud

Automated reporting

Automated creation of qualification documents and evidences

Operational testing

Continuous testing for ongoing monitoring of compliance status

Service monitoring

Continuous analysis of changes and new features of cloud services

Risk-based approach

Qualification of the applications based on the individual risk

We offer you more than software. We are your partner to meet GxP requirements for cloud-based applications

1. Application analysis

We analyze the core components of your applications with regard to the use of SAP BTP services.

2. Service analysis

We analyze the intended use of each service in the context of your applications and their GxP compliance.

3. Risk assessment

We identify and describe the risks of your applications requirements and define measures for mitigation.

4. Definition of test strategy

Your used services are analyzed based on the requirements. Based on this, we create a test strategy for you and take over the test implementation.

5. Continuous qualification

After the initial execution of all tests the continuous qualification is activated.

6. Service control

The cloud services are permanently checked for changes or errors.

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