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At p36, we love what we do. We are a team that is passionate about innovative cloud solutions.

Bringing software solutions to life that have never been seen before is our nature.

p36 team
If we really want to make a difference, we need enthusiasm above all.

Dalai Lama

Become part of our team

We are looking for colleagues who are as enthusiastic about our work as we are. Because we are convinced that enthusiasm and passion are essential for success.

You don’t necessarily have to possess all the knowledge and skills required for the job. It is much more important that you have the enthusiasm to learn new skills and to walk new paths with us.

What you can rely on: Our enthusiasm

We regularly leave our comfort zone, think outside-the-box and try out different ways and possibilities. Always with the goal of developing the best possible solution.

In doing so, the following applies: If you try something new, you are allowed to make mistakes. For us, that is just as much a part of the process as our open culture for making mistakes and providing feedback. We highly value this approach, because we agree that this is the best way to learn for the future and to continuously develop our know-how.

Daily work at p36

Working with us offers many benefits


Drink and snack flatrate

Serve yourself: you can choose from hot coffee to ice-cold Coke, from a fruit basket to sweet and salty snacks.

Good connectivity

You can reach our office easily by public transport or by car, without the need to search for a parking space.

Office dogs

We regularly have furry friends visiting us. Please check in advance if it is okay for everyone in your office.



We provide you with an experienced mentor who will accompany you in your development and share his or her expertise with you.


You can attend external trainings, we organize knowledge sharing sessions and provide you with a personal mentor.

Flexible working

You can arrange your working hours freely (of course we also have to attend meetings on schedule ;-)) and decide for yourself when to come to the office.



We live new work. We invite you to take lunch breaks together, meet for online gaming or a workout after work.

Family friendly

You want to work part-time or pick up the kids from school in between? No problem, we are flexible, because family is important.


360° feedback, reverse mentoring, etc. We live open & constructive feedback in all directions and demand it regularly and actively.



An attractive salary that rewards special performance, 30 days of vacation and a subsidy for bAV and BU-insurance await you.

Healthy growth

We operate in a crisis-proof market with solid future prospects and are growing at a healthy pace.


You decide about your hardware equipment. You like Apple more than Microsoft, no problem.

  • Lunch hour at p36

Learn more about our teams

Our teams are organized on a product-oriented basis and thus work interdisciplinary. This enables smooth transitions between business and IT and each team can therefore individually address its own needs and take advantage of specific benefits.

I love that I can work when and where I want. Except on weekends, then the boss gets mad. As a finance manager, I don’t know that much about our main business, but there are very patient colleagues who explain it to me…over and over again. That’s why I love my team.

Tina, Finance Manager

Working in the cloud brings us to regularly explore new technologies and develop innovative solutions for our customers. This is a lot of fun, because hardly any project is like the previous one and the cloud is constantly evolving. And we have to as well! Our team has a really great team spirit, which is why we for example also like to play videogames together outside of working hours.

 Daniel, Cloud Consultant

Cloud Compliance Automation is such an interesting and complex topic and I love to have a great team with so many different talents around me who jointly work on the improvement of our product and service. At our team individual talents are not only identified but each employee gets the chance to unfold, have fun and bring himself to the next level.

Florian, Business Unit Lead CCA

It is exciting to be able to observe and influence the continuous development of the UDI Platform. I am able to bring added value to our customers and make Regulatory Affairs’ life easier. This opportunity and our great team inspire me to learn new things every day.

Simone, Project Lead UDI Platform

What I like most about marketing at p36 is the exchange and collaboration with colleagues from the different teams and our partners, who are often spread all over the world. It’s fun to push topics internally & externally, because I know that my colleagues take my topics at least as seriously as their own.

Jennifer, Marketing Manager

We spend most of our day at work, so I wanted to be responsible for making that part of the day as enjoyable as possible: Giving employees the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential and creating an environment where they feel completely at ease. They should look forward to Monday and come through the office door with a smile on their face. At p36 I am allowed to follow this idea, because we have understood one thing: happy employee, happy company.

Virginia, Head of People Management

In addition to personal development with project management skills in your own projects, you will get to know the world of cloud software with the latest technology stacks. Our hybrid working culture also gives you the time you need for theoretical training at university. If you want to work in a passionate team, the dual study program at p36 is just the right thing for you!

Mark, Dual Student

The coolest thing about my job is the exposure to diverse topics. Touching on both administrative, “theoretical” work as well as the physical provision and support of the company hardware. I manage all the major areas of the company to enable or make working easier for colleagues. I work at the “heart” of the company and that is a lot of fun.

 Jan, IT Service Manager

The great thing about my job is that the activities have the goal of maintaining the quality and security in the company at a constant level and also to continuously improve it, ultimately having a positive impact on the satisfaction of our customers and other interested parties. I like the possibilities and diverse ways that one has in the individual areas to implement the various requirements. The topics of quality and security don’t have to be boring and seen as a necessary evil. It always depends on what you make of it and how you approach things.

Marcel, Head of Quality, Security & Compliance

Software development is our core business. There is not one IT department, but the entire company is focused on it. You can feel that in our everyday work: we are allowed to work with the latest technologies, our own further development is in focus and we are allowed to take the time to develop high-quality solutions. In our team, which has a high female quota, changes are always welcome.

Carina, Fullstack Developer and Mario, Software Engineer

This could be your workplace

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Your entry opportunities

Your first job

Are you ready to enter the professional world? We won’t leave you on your own. In our junior positions, a senior is at your side as a mentor and work on your projects together with you. In this way, you learn something new every day and develop into a professional step by step. We support you with the appropriate training and offer you the necessary freedom to actively bring in your ideas.

Your next level

You are passionate about your work and seeking a new opportunity to apply your expertise? With us you can develop freely, contribute your input and get new impulses. For us, it is equally important whether you want to get deeper into the subject matter or take on (initial) management responsibility.

Your career change

You think what we do is great, but you don’t have any practical experience in our industry yet? No problem! We will look at where you can best contribute your strengths and provide you with the necessary expertise in onboarding. The only thing that matters to us is that you are interested in learning and developing.

Your dual study program, your vocational training, your student job

You want to become part of the team and see what the future at p36 has to offer? With our flexibility, we offer you the optimal balance between learning and working. With us you get real tasks, are allowed to make your impact and are considered a complete team member.

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