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Hello, we are p36, an owner-managed technology company specialized in cloud software consulting and development.

We advise customers on the digital transformation of their business processes to the cloud and develop cloud-based software solutions for companies in the life sciences industry. Here, we support our customers implement their regulatory processes and compliance requirements with modern cloud-based software.

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Our philosophy

We are always looking to the future and working tirelessly to drive cloud innovation forward. Our approach is based on our core values, which guide everything we do, whether we’re working internally or collaborating with our customers and partners.

We understand that staying ahead of the curve requires a deep commitment to innovation and an unwavering focus on our customers’ needs.

Daily work at p36
Daily work at p36

We are authentic

At the heart of our work is a culture of open and honest communication. We value constructive and mutual feedback, and this applies not only to our team but also to our collaborations with our customers and partners.

We approach projects holistically and with a long-term perspective, always planning realistically for the benefit of all parties involved. We believe that collaboration and communication are essential for success, and we work hard to foster an environment of trust and respect.

We are attentive

We actively listen and react flexibly to changes in order to provide the best possible solution. Therefore, our customers always come first. Our focus is on their needs and requirements, which we implement individually.

We are passionate

We are absolutely passionate about what we do, and every day we strive to be even better. Our goal is to ignite that same passion in our customers and partners. We take their needs to heart and treat them as if they were our own, always seeking new and innovative ways to address them.

We are trustworthy

At our core, we have a deep commitment to delivering work of the highest quality. As a reliable partner, we make promises that we know we can keep. That’s why our collaborations, whether internal or external, are always focused on building long-term relationships.

Quality Management system according to ISO 9001

Our certified QMS serves as a central foundation for maintaining and further developing our high quality standards, while also ensuring that we meet the needs of our customers and partners.

Information Security Management system according to ISO 27001

With our certified ISMS, we ensure that we meet the requirements for implementation, monitoring and further development of information security in our company.

Thinking of tomorrow today – we take responsibility

Local support

We are deeply rooted in our community and take great pride in giving back to the local organizations and social causes, for example by collecting bottle caps for charity reasons.

Paperless office

We believe in printing only when absolutely necessary. That is why we have just one printer for the entire team, which helps us reduce waste and minimize negative impact on the environment.

No plastic

We are are proud to say that we do not use plastic water bottles in our workplace. Instead, we have water dispensers and provide our team members with their own reusable glass bottles.

Saving energy

We make a conscious effort to conserve energy by using only what’s necessary. When we leave a room, we turn off the lights.

Our success story

There is a team full of enthusiasm behind every success

Our team consists of experts who thoroughly understand their customers’ requirements. We don’t just provide project-based support; we stand by our customers as a reliable long-term partner.

Cloud Consulting p36

Our partnerships

Partnerships are of great importance to us because we see them as a win-win situation. By combining our respective expertise, we can learn from each other and continue to grow. Our customers benefit from our partnerships by being able to access all the services they need from a single source.

p36 is SAP partner and part of the SAP Industry Cloud for Life Sciences. We maintain a close partnership with SAP in the life sciences area, both for Unique Device Identification and Cloud Compliance. In addition to joint customer projects, we are regularly represented as speakers at SAP events.

Tenthpin is a globally leading business and technology consultancy for the life sciences industry. Tenthpin combines industry, process, and information technology expertise to create digital impact and transformational change.
Together, we share the passion to think standardized software products and services together – to design and bring new business models to life.

NTT DATA Business Solutions designs, implements, manages, and continuously enhances SAP solutions to make them work for companies and their people. Aiming to help companies to transform, grow and become more successful, NTT DATA Business Solutions connects with a more than in-depth expertise for SAP solutions its clients´ business opportunities with the latest technologies – individually and across all business areas. NTT Data is partnering with us in supporting medical device manufacturers on their journey to global UDI compliance.

DHC is a specialist in IT solutions for quality management, quality assurance and quality control based on SAP. With its long-standing expertise, DHC is a respected partner in the life sciences industry. Together with DHC, we collaborate on implementation projects, especially in the area of qualification, validation and GxP compliance.

GS1 provides globally valid standards for efficient and secure business processes, such as item identification. As a GS1 partner, we continuously exchange information on upcoming UDI requirements by participating in the GS1 Healthcare Committee.

CLC xinteg is a long-standing consulting partner in the SAP area. CLC specializes in SAP-based business processes with workflows, document processing and digital file management. We collaborate on several customer projects, both in the area of cloud consulting and for the UDI Platform.

The J4HR GmbH is an HR service and consulting company that specializes in the holistic support of classic SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) and the implementation of innovative SAP cloud solutions for Human Experience Management – HXM – (SAP SuccessFactors). Together with J4HR, we support our customers in the digitalizing their HR processes.

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