Facilitate GxP-compliance
on SAP Business Technology Platform

Drive innovation and meet change with agility with SAP Business Technology Platform – now in GxP regulated environments. Cloud Service Qualification is the solution to address the pivotal issue of GxP compliance within public cloud settings by providing an all-encompassing methodology and platform.

Cloud Compliance Automation

The challenge:

Public cloud in regulated industries

Introducing SAP Business Technology Platform means moving workload to public cloud environments.

As a GxP regulated company (especially in Life Sciences) using this Platform-as-a-Service you are not in control of all of aspects of your IT landscape anymore – but you are still responsible.

SAP Business Technology Platform is providing applications and services that you can leverage for different use cases. SAP is continuously improving and enhancing these applications and services, resulting in rapid release cycles. As a BTP user you have no control over the lifecycle of SAP BTP services and applications.

Cloud Service Qualification

With Cloud Service Qualification you can leverage our risk-based-approach for continuous qualification of cloud services.

By putting the risk at the center of cloud service usage you can mitigate the missing control over the lifecycle of SAP BTP services and applications.

Analysis Cloud Compliance Automation

Start your use case analysis

Assess the different use cases of SAP Business Technology Platform which are on your roadmap. What are critical elements of these use cases from a GxP compliance perspective. What are the BTP services and applications that are used for your use cases and what is the risk of using these?

Plan your Service Qualification

Define the test and mitigation strategy for your BTP use cases. Focus on the risk and only check the components of services and applications that are relevant for you.

Service Quakification Plan
Cloud Service Qualification Plan

Run your continuous Service Qualification

Continuously monitor the features and functions of the services and applications based on your test strategy. With both automated testing and execution of mitigations you gain control over ever-changing platform services.

Automated tests for cloud services out of the box and always up to date

We provide you with the tests for the cloud services used in your applications and required to ensure their validation and qualification. In addition we keep these tests continuously up-to-date.

Our solution supports cloud services from all cloud providers. Our standardized tests allow you to focus on your validation requirements without having to worry about implementing tests.

All benefits at a glance

Meet critical GxP requirements

Solve key requirements of GxP compliance in public cloud environments

Streamline validation and qualification

With automated reporting and alerting you can integrate our solution in your validation processes and tools

Meet change with agility

Be fast and agile and foster short release cycles of your SAP BTP workload

Automate Documentation

Automate documentation

Create customized and automated reports of your continuous qualification anytime

Monitoring Cloud Compliance Status

Monitor your cloud compliance posture

Execute and monitor continuous operational testing on all your cloud environments


Build robust cloud applications

With our know how about cloud services we help you to build your applications and extensions robust

We offer more than software. We are your partner for adoption of public cloud in GxP regulated industries.

1. Assessment of Use Cases

Identify your GxP relevant use cases of SAP BTP

2. Identification of used cloud services

Assess which cloud services are used in each use case

3. Requirement and Risk Assessment

Define the requirements to cloud services of your use case

4. Definition of Test and Mitigation Strategy

Select the tests and define mitigation strategies based on your risks

5. Continuous Qualification

Run automated tests and execute mitigation strategies continuously

6. Monitoring

Monitor your cloud compliance posture

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