Oktober 7, 2022

p36 releases version 3.1 of UDI Platform

In the sense of “listen and act”, our release 3.1 focuses on customer feedback, which is our highest priority. We understand our customers’ holistic processes and optimize the UDI Platform usability and data governance to make it as simple and efficient as possible.

New features

One new key feature is the support of organizational units. It’s a new internal information which can be used in UDI Platform to organize your products. It allows you to assign products to a responsible organizational unit within your company. Thus, you can control who is allowed to start an UDI process for a target market within the platform. The assignment of organizational units is also available as new dimension within the reporting applications.

Besides that, the bulk processing limit has been enhanced to 10,000 records and additional excel columns can be defined to show read-only information and give more support to you when maintaining data.

As we see that not every authority is providing a machine-to-machine submission option, we introduced a new feature to export data from UDI Platform directly to the required mass upload format as specified by an authority. With that, you can use the governance options within the UDI Platform and generate read-to-publish export files.

As of now, we see that for the regulatory authorities in Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.

Enhancements of Content Packages 

With release 3.1 we introduced two more Content Packages for the markets Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.

If you would like to get more detailed information about our latest release of UDI Platform, please don’t hesitate tocontact us or ask for a demo.

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