May 2, 2022

UDI Platform Release 3.0 now available

Our goal is to deliver the best-in-class software which offers you more value and helps you to minimize your data governance efforts and ensure your UDI compliance.

Since the last release of our UDI Platform, we have taken the time to not only improve our existing features and take them to the next level, but also to develop great new features.

New features

One of the new features within this major release is the Reference Product.

Do you have very similar products, e.g. products of a specific product line? The Reference Product greatly supports you in defining the single source of truth for all products attached to the reference. Data maintained for the Reference Product is always synchronized with the single products to boost your data quality and foster the time to market for your products.

Another new feature is the Source Record Validity.

This features helps you investigating the impact of data changes occurring in your master data systems. Whenever the UDI Platform detects a change in the data, the compliance status for your products is determined for all relevant UDI markets and you can directly react on necessary adaptions.

Apart from the new functionalities, you can also expect some enhancements to existing features.

Enhancements of Content Packages

We have made several updates coming from the regulatory authorities regarding our existing Content Packages for the U.S., Europe and South Korea. In addition, we made technical preparations for our upcoming Content Packages for Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Singapore and added different new options to our features, e.g. the Product Data Cockpit and Mass upload function.

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