June 27, 2023

UDI Platform Release 3.2

Our new release version 3.2 of the UDI Platform is available and already in use and we would like to inform about the latest new features and improvements the relelase 3.2 comes up with.

New features

First and foremost we would like to introduce a new app, called “Manage Submission Status”.

The app is intended for authorities which allow file-based upload of UDI data only, like Taiwan. The app allows updating the submission status for products within the UDI Platform that have been sent to the regulatory authorities via file. For authorities, which provide a technical interface for exchanging data from UDI Platform to the authority system, this step is not required.

UDI Platform Release 3.2, Feature Manage Submission Status

To increase the transparency of UDI Platform a new Data Comparison perspective allows to compare all product information for two versions of the same product. Thanks to this perspective, it is possible to directly compare two versions of the same product. If there are any deviations in the information, these fields are highlighted. Users can select any version of a product to compare it with another version for the same authority.

This gives users a brief overview of changes in the product versions.

The feature is part of the Product Data Cockpit app.

UDI Platform Release 3.2, Feature Data Comparison Perspective

Never miss a product data change again – thanks to a new feature in the Product Data Cockpit.

With “Hints”, it is possible to see in the shortest possible time, for example,

  • whether data in the source system has changed,

  • whether central data (common device data) was approved but is not reflected in the authority specific process,

  • if data has been approved but not submitted to the authority system yet.

This filter option is also integrated in the Product Data Cockpit app.

UDI Platform Release 3.2, Feature Hints

The generation of EUDAMED Basic UDI-DIs, according to GS1 scheme, in UDI Platform is more flexible now. With release 3.2, information from the Basic UDI-DI itself e.g., the “Risk Class” or “Legislation” can be used by UDI Platform to generate new Basic UDI-DIs.


Of course, release version 3.2 comes up with multiple improvements.

If you would like to get more information on these points in detail, please feel free to contact us here.

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